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The Words Wanting Out
Wed Aug 19, 2009

The Words Wanting Out
Poems Selected and New
by Barry Dempster

"Let's not mince words: the poetry in The Words Wanting Out: Poems Selected and New is as good as it gets in this country.If it seemed a good idea to nominate Barry Dempster's first book, Fables For Isolated Men for the Governor General's Award, it seems a far better idea now that we can see where all that talent and promise has led.There isn't a dud poem in this book; it's been scrupulously edited and sequenced; it demonstrates a mastery over a wide variety of forms, from short lyric and lyric/narrative, to serial lyric, dramatic monologue, and prose poem; the mouth music is marvelously mellifluous and the free verse lines carefully chiseled.The man doesn't make a false step for 168 pages!That's an accomplishment worth celebrating, and, let's face it, one few Governor General's Award winners have actually managed to pull off."

-Richard Stevenson, League of Canadian Poets Website

The Words Wanting Out is the first selection from one of Canada's most respected poets. In 1982 Barry Dempster landed on the short list for the Governor General's Award for Poetry for his very first book, and has since published seven more collections to high praise.

Many of his collections are either out of print or not widely distributed, making all of his titles highly sought after by poetry readers across Canada who have discovered his poignant writing by reputation, word-of-mouth, literary journals or by his contributions to our cultural landscape as an editor, instructor and critic.

The Words Wanting Out collects the best poems of Dempster's varied and dynamic output, including those from his 2003 collection Living Well (available in limited edition only from Poppy Press).

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