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Series Six Chapbooks
Sat Feb 26, 2011

The Alfred Gustav Press is pleased to introduce:
Series Six

A trio of new chapbooks of original, previously unpublished poetry in a
handmade artefact signed by the poet, available only by subscription.  

Subscriptions are available for $10 in total for the three issues described
below ($15 outside Canada). The subscription deadline is April 1, 2011.

Barry Dempster, "Disturbing the Buddha"
"Disturbing the Buddha" is a lyric conversation with ten ancient poets
featured in Stephen Mitchell¹s The Enlightened Heart, an Anthology of Sacred
Poetry, each poem beginning with one of the poets¹ own first lines.

Barry Dempster is the author of sixteen books, including a novel, The
Ascension of Jesse Rapture, a children¹s book, two volumes of short stories
and twelve collections of poetry. He has been nominated for the Governor
General¹s Award twice and has won a Petra Kenney Award, a Confederation
Poets Prize, a Prairie Fire Poetry Contest and the Canadian Authors
Association Jack Chalmers Award for Poetry. In 2010, he was a finalist for
the Ontario Premier¹s Award for Excellence in the Arts. He is also
acquisitions editor at Brick Books. His most recent books include Love
Outlandish (Brick), Ivan¹s Birches (Pedlar Press) and Blue Wherever
(Signature Editions).

Richard Lemm, "The Gold Flash"

The poems in "The Gold Flash" are a celebration of deep friendships with
people who have shaped and inspired the poet¹s life, and of the quests for
natural, artistic and intellectual wonder he¹s shared with friends. Here,
too, is a futuristic and hopeful fantasia of a day when one source of the
fears and anguish he¹s also shared with these friends is abolished in a
euphorically golden flash rather than in a fiery apocalypse. In these poems,
the bittersweet transmutes into joy.

Richard Lemm spent the first thirty-three years of his life in the Pacific
Northwest, and has lived on the Atlantic coast since 1983, where he teaches
literature and creative writing at the University of Prince Edward Island.
His recent books are Burning House (poetry, Wolsak and Wynn) and Shape of
Things to Come (fiction, Acorn Press). His biography of Canada¹s People¹s
Poet is Milton Acorn: In Love and Anger. Last year he was
writer-in-residence in Tasmania, where he failed to discover any convict

John Reibetanz, "Laments of the Gorges"

What happens to a place and its people when a hallowed landscape is ravaged
by environmental disaster? In a world where such events are becoming
commonplace, can art sustain any of the traditional, consoling connections
between humanity and nature? Laments of the Gorges frames such questions in
the context of the manmade social and cultural destruction brought about by
China¹s Three Gorges Dam. These poems move back and forth between the
legendary and poetic past and the stark damages of the present, in search of
ways to reconcile them.

John Reibetanz¹s poetry has been published in seven collections and in
numerous national and international magazines, including the Best Canadian
Poetry series. Shortlisted for National Magazine and Relit Awards, he has
won prizes in the Petra Kenney, Fiddlehead and Vallum competitions. His
writing is a sustained effort to embody the belief that the most compelling
and significant features of human identity are not primarily found in
solitude but rather evolve through interrelationships with other people and
with the places that we inhabit‹and that inhabit us. His own most cherished
people, main source of who he is, are his wife Julie and their three grown
children, all currently inhabiting and inhabited by southern Ontario.

Subscriptions are available for $10 in total for the three issues described
below ($15 outside Canada). The subscription deadline is April 1, 2011.
Please send cash or your cheque payable to David Zieroth at

The Alfred Gustav Press
519 2nd Street East
North Vancouver, BC
V7L 1E1

Please remember your mailing address (and include your email address if you
wish updated information).

For more information: email [email protected] and for more background check


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