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Chilean Master Class with Barry Dempster
Sun Jan 16, 2011

- A Writing Workshop with Barry Dempster

Chile, January 16 to January 29, 2011 -

 Price includes: Master Class, Accommodation, Meals, Outings to Santiago, Valparaiso

Participation is limited. Contact Susan Siddeley at [email protected] for further details.

About the Master Class:

“I have only what I remember.” - W.S. Merwin

Every moment we live becomes an instant memory, trailing off behind us, losing colour, texture and meaning.   Try as we may, we also keep missing the moment itself, lost in distraction or responsibility, concerned more with the future.   Often even our memories have only been half-lived.   “Memory: in the Moment” is a workshop devoted to full immersion into both the past and the present.   Through a series of language exercises, Poet Walks, memory prompts, deepening meditations and writing assignments, we will explore the various ways of making the past feel alive again, of “reliving” those experiences that most make us who we are.   We will also delve into new discoveries, surrendering to the Chilean experience in ways that will be transformative, taking full advantage of the intensity and richness as it unfolds in the here and now.

This new workshop is open to all levels of accomplishment.   The techniques and exercises will cross genres: poetry, fiction and memoir.   It will be up to each individual what form their writing ultimately takes.   The only prerequisite is that you open yourself to deepening your relationship with time and language.   The workshop is designed to focus your imagination, to hone your observational skills, and to allow your unconscious to come as fully awake as possible.   There will also be one-on-one mentoring sessions and group workshopping.

Join us in Chile for two weeks of deep writing and reading.   Pay attention to the moment and let it carry you to a whole new level.

BARRY DEMPSTER is the author of 16 books, including the novel The Ascension of Jesse Rapture, two volumes of short stories, a children’s book, and 12 collections of poetry.   His work has also been nominated twice for the Governor General’s Award and has won the Canadian Authors’ Association Chalmers Award, a Petra Kenney Award and a Confederation Poetry Prize.   He is acquisitions editor at Brick Books.   He has been a mentor on faculty with the Banff Centre for the Arts four times since 2003.   His most recent books include Love Outlandish (Brick Books), Ivan’s Birches (Pedlar Press) and Blue Wherever (Signature Editions).


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