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Tue Aug 2, 2011


Dying a Little
Barry Dempster

Award-winning poet Barry Dempster’s latest collection embraces the fragility of life and the bitterness of endings. Ghosts of his father and mother haunt the pages and friends face battles with cancer, some losing, some not, while the poet himself is all too aware of the passage of time on his own frame. This is not a gentle book, but in his wrestling with death Dempster gives voice to the pain that many others have felt. Yet with his deft turn of phrase and fresh imagery he also startles his readers, and leaves them questioning their own expectations of life and its alternative.

Published by: Wolsak and Wynn
Media and distribution:
[email protected]

Thursday September 22, 2011, 6 – 8 pm.,
Ben McNally Books, 366 Bay Street Toronto, Tel. 416-361-0032

Bookstore Ordering:
Canadian distributor of Wolsak and Wynn titles:
University of Toronto Press Inc.
5201 Dufferin Street
Toronto ON M3H 5T8
Tel: 416.667.7791 or toll free in North America 1.800.565.9523
University of Toronto Press

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